Monday, April 18, 2005


Wine Tasting at HiltonHouse last Saturday. 10 experienced tasters. All California Zinfandels from grapes grown in Amador County around the city of Plymouth, Shenandoah appellation. The very interesting result was that the winner, "Z" zinfandel from Massoni Ranch, scored an unbelievable 12 points. 10 points would have meant that all of us rated it the best of the wines tasted. 12 points is unheard of from this group. Anyway, if you have $30 to splurge with, we heartily recommend it. Check the web site for some background at Jeff Runquist Winery .

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Let History Note & Long Remember

On this date, on the course at the Diablo Hills Golf, Spa, and Yacht Club in Walnut Creek, at approximately 2:30 PDT, under sunny skies, with a 12 mph wind from the left, at the 106-yard 3d hole and in the presence of George, Kevin, and Ian, MIEKO K. WINNACKER, using a #9 fairway wood and a Wilson Jack Long 1 with a logo of SandalWood, in Hawaii, ball, hit a hole-in-one! May the Golf Gods Be Praised!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

After An Eventful Week

It's always nice to take a deep breath, and view matters with some perspective:

That's an historical marker from the Sonoma Valley (HT: