Monday, November 28, 2005

Mount Sellery

Well, this is cool. Mount Sellery is named after my Uncle Harry, who worked for the USGS for many years, was a ham radio fan, and bought a very heavy organ which now resides with Betty, Elizabeth, and Rudy.

This is a nice pic of a different mountain, Mt. Cook in New Zealand. It is, I fear, much more dramatic than Mt. Sellery, but, what the hey:

Friday, November 25, 2005

Norman Rockwell

Further to the Thanksgiving post below, Rich Galen has assembled all four of the "Freedom" covers that Norman Rockwell painted for the "Saturday Evening Post" in 1943. Pretty neat and, for me, a bit nostalgic.

From the top, "Freedom to Worship", "Freedom from Want", "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom from Fear."

Those were simpler times, although in the middle of World War II.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

I am certain that at least fifteen other people besides me in the entire English-speaking world know about the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, UK, but I just became aware of it.

Built to celebrate the Millennium in 2000, it was designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Gifford & Partners Engineers, for the City of Gateshead, which is located across the River Tyne from the much-better-known City of Newcastle (kind of like Oakland sitting across the Bay from San Francisco.) All this in northeast England.

The supporting structural arch appears to be inclined about 30 degrees from the vertical, and the pedestrian-bicycle bridgeway curves horizontally away from straight across, carried by tension strands from the overhead arch. Quite an engineering feat, and definitely striking in appearance. But, wait!

To permit passage for river boat traffic, several times a day the whole darned thing pivots on its end points to form a double-arched gateway over the river. It is truly an aesthetic and engineering marvel!

I am so impressed that I may make a special trip to Gateshead on my next English vacation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

A distinctly American holiday. Thanks for many things about our country, and for the food that commemorates the interaction between the native inhabitants and the new arrivals. Much to think about.

Anyway, Norman Rockwell painted the quintessential image way back in 1943. "Freedom from Want." Behold...

(That just might be Norman himself in the lower right corner.)

Saturday, November 19, 2005


CAL 27 - stanford 3

Weekend Mileage

Last weekend we took Beatrice, our (almost) new BonnyandClydeMobile Chrysler - 300 on a trip with friends to Copperopolis and Saddle Creek for a little golf and sightseeing.

Yesterday I finally refilled the tank, after 382 miles, with 15.578 gallons of regular. That's 24.5 mpg.

Not bad for a big car with a big whumping 3.5 liter 6 cylinder engine.

Thanks, Beatrice!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving is acoming

Enough of truffles! How about some sunny Walnut Creek roses in mid-November...


First, I just found the following adding to the truffle discussion below: chez pim: The Truffle Don Please read it, if you have the opportunity.

Second, I was reminded of the following:

"Bad spellers of the world, untie!"

That's good.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mary Katherine Ham

Mary Katherine Ham, guest blogging on the Hugh Hewitt blog site,offers the following in a brief resume of her young career:

"Some folks ask me what the transition was like from NASCAR reporter to
political reporter. It's easy. In one, you try to explain to your readers the
significance of grown-ups getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to go around
in circles indefinitely, always turning left. In the other, you get to
interview racecar drivers."

I think that's funny. But, that's just me.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Truffles" by Robert Klein

Oliveto Restaurant and Cafe: "Truffles" by Robert Klein

Hunting the White Truffle

Hunting the White Truffle by Maureen Barry | Travel Reviews from Travel Intelligence
We're having a bit of fun here, celebrating the October-November season for hunting truffles in Central and Northern Italy.
I haven't figured out how to put two links into one posting of the blog. Sorribouthat.
Enjoy your Tartufo anyway!

This year's price is only US$120/oz.

Longevity! - Welcome to the World of Friskies Living
Just opened a bag of Purina "Friskies-Dental Diet", which Morris, our cat, dearly loves. I happened to notice the admonition printed thereon:


You just have to wonder what they put in that stuff.