Sunday, September 28, 2008

What On Earth?

Alright, gentle readers. I need some help here.
What on earth is this 4" insect I found on the front stoop last night? It looked like a grasshopper, but it was light brown/tan in color. Is it a grasshopper/chameleon? An albino?

All information proffered will be studied and appreciated.


tempdisplaced said...

If you're still proffering, DH says 'praying mantis'. How 'bout that?

Sheri DelMage said...

Looks like a praying mantis to me also.

Don Reynolds said...

It's a praying mantis. Guaranteed.

Don Reynolds said...

I need help.

The comments on my Blog are moderated, so I have to OK them before they get published.

I would rather they be published at the time they are written.

I can't find any place I can get that changed. Do you happen to know, by any chance?