Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gourmet Ghetto

DW1 and I believe that Walnut Creek is overtaking North Berkeley with new, exciting restaurants.
I don't know how to do a review of each one of them that we have tried.

So, now I'll try to import a file from Open Office:

Well, that didn't work. Let's try this:
New Walnut Creek Restaurants
(August 2010)

Contemporary fusion Japanese. Good, busy atmosphere. Helpful, friendly service. Foods are varied, interesting, and good. Have gone back.

Japanese, South Asia cuisine. Excellent (I was surprised) food with eye- catching presentations. Sushi was great. Lumpia reminded me of Guam. Funky atmosphere. Will definitely go back.

Vietnamese fusion. Good imaginative noodle dishes. Open, stylish décor. Will return.

Great décor, good service, excellent small plates of California fusion. Will return.

New China Cafe
California Chinese. No chopsticks. Enticing menu. Familiar Chinese specialties presented in unusual ways. Will return.

Stark, tres moderne décor, small plates, beautiful presentations, helpful waitstaff. Food is good. Everything is $1-$2 overpriced, so final bill is high. Probably will return.
Just let us know when, and we'll make the reservations. . .

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