Monday, February 21, 2011

Dim Sum Dimensions

On Sunday, as frequent readers may have surmized, we went into Oakland Chinatown for a dim sum lunch at Peony. It was excellent, as it always has been. And full of folks, most of whom were not Scandinavian.

Today, we tried a new (for us) place for dim sum on this side of the hills. It's called "Tri-Valley Seafood" and it's located next to the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton. We were pleasantly surprised. It was excellent. Wide variety of steamed stuff on carts rolling by, a smoked duck leg, a plate of Chinese broccoli steamed perfectly. Also full of folks, and again, no Scandinavians.

Both places are about 20 minutes away from Hiltonhouse. Now we have a quandary when we feel the urge for dim sum. (Free parking at Tri-Valley.) ($39 for three of us, including 1 beer, before tip.)

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