Thursday, March 08, 2012

Top of the Sonoma Valley

So, @miekow and I finally got the Healdsburg on Thursday. It's not really easy from Walnut Creek, the way Napa Valley is. Two hours vs. one hour. But, hey; we don't do this every week/month, and I hadn't been to Santa Rosa/Windsor/Healdsburg for about 10 years.
Healdsburg has a plaza downtown. Everything seems to revolve around the plaza. Restaurants, bookstores, knick-knacks, antiques, art galleries, wine tasting rooms, they're all there in abundance. We called it "Carmel without the Sea." It's in-your-face organic, sustainable, ecological, with respectful dog bowls outside the stores.
But that's okay; I'll return for more. It's fun.
Tried Bistro Ralph (see above) for lunch. Nice setting. Brick walls, stamped-tin ceiling, big peace signs in the windows, and the waitress spoke fluent French, as well as English. 
We shared a glass of local Zin (Kokomo) and tried chicken livers, calamari sandwich, and grilled brussel sprouts. All good, with hearty sauces (except for the wine) and thoughtful sides. Very rich, and very good.
Ralph suggested that we visit the Kokomo tasting room on Dry Creek Road after lunch.

About 15 minutes out of town we found the place, one of about a half-dozen tasting rooms in one location. Kokomo makes four Zinfandels, and we selected the one we had at Bistro Ralph.
A few miles further on Dry Creek Road and we were at Ferrari Carano

And yes, the gates were open onto the lush grounds, the manicured flower beds, the secluded gardens, whew! This is an impressive layout. Well worth the visit, so do it. We purchased a few bottles of a Zinfandel sold only at the winery (low production volume.)
Healdsburg is fun, and almost worth the drive. We'll do it again sometime soon. :)

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