Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Summer Dinner Out

So it's hot, the a/c is acting up, DW#1 did 18 holes at Franklin Canyon, and there's no spirit for eating at home. What to do?

"6 for $6" Happy Hour at the nearby Walnut Creek Flemings.

Bad News: Lousy timing, place was packed, only one seat at the bar. Started a bar tab with two glasses of wine.

Closed the tab, started to sign, young lady said "Table is open." Off we went to try the table experience.

Good News: Great grub! $6 each for a Sirloin Burger and Tenderloin Carpaccio. These are deals, dear readers. We loved them.

Bad News: Waitperson Spencer screwed up the bill. Took 15 minutes to reissue.

Results: So So, but we will try again.

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