Friday, August 28, 2009

The Sellery House, Madison Wisconsin

A modest craftsman-prairie approach to a near-campus house, designed and built in 1910.

Back yard with screened porch. This was a double lot, so  there's a huge backyard. There used to be a big blue spruce tree over the photographer's left shoulder. Notice the exterior entrance to the basement, just to the right of the porch. Lift the lid, and walk down inside. I remember doing that to shovel coal into the furnace.

Dining room at the corner, kitchen to the right. One of the kitchen windows used to be an ice door, opening to the top cabinet in the ice box.

Back to the front of the house. Note that lack of a garage. Prof. George C. Sellery wasn't sure that the automobile was here to stay and, besides, it was only a brisk walk to campus.

The living room. I used to take naps on the cushions on the window seat.

The dining room -  many fond memories. There were huge sliding doors separating dining from living rooms.

The screened porch. Wonderful in Summer.

One of six bedrooms. Each bedroom had a wash basin, at Grandfather's insistance. Pretty modern for 1910. Only one full bath, however, and a half-bath downstairs to the right of the front door.
Our family historian may wish to save these snapshots for someone's posterity. It was fun to revisit the house on our trip earlier this year.

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