Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tea For Me

Okay, so I'm tentatively reintroducing myself to solid food, after a bout with my plumbing. Yesterday, I was pondering the idea of a burger, realizing that I couldn't down a normal-sized one.
Voila! Mini Burgers:
     Hamburger (10% fat), balled to golfball size
     Onion, sliced thin
     Dinner rolls, flake muffins, or light toast

     Pickle slice

Heat fry pan to Med Hot.
Saute onion slice, retaining shape.
Place hamburger ball and smash thin with spatula. You want a crisp exterior.
Toast bread, roll, whatever you have.
Flip meat once only.

Assemble. Here's what mine looked like:
Mmm, mmm  good.

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