Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunch in Napa

Okay, we finally went. To Morimoto's Napa outlet. For lunch on an off-season Sunday. I was astounded.
This is showtime, big time, with a gentle food theme.
This is Cirque du Soleil - showy, elegant, expensive, take-your-breath-away spectacular.

The food is pretty good to great. I would call it asian/fusion. Asian origin with Western taste additions. We were both somewhat surprised. Somewhat pleasantly.

Mieko had Uni Carbonera. She ate the sea urchin, found the noodles too rich. I tried the noodles, and found them Italian delicious. Go figure.

I had the Washugyu carpaccio - absolutely wonderful, and very rich.

This restaurant has absolutely nothing to do with Napa. (Hence, my astonishment.) It could be in any world-class city. (They have branches in Waikiki, Philadelphia, and New York.)

The interior design will take your breath away. Solid woodslab table tops, glass ohashi, polished concrete floor, elegant wall decorations, wonderful murals.

We both want to go back, to try some of the menu selections we had to pass on, or to sit at the sushi counter and see what happens.

If, that is, we can afford the visit. Figure $70/person for lunch with wine, $110+/person for dinner.

Go to and browse. :)

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Robin Puro said...

That looks delicious!! I've got it on my list now...