Sunday, February 05, 2012

Restaurant Scene, Murphys California

So, we did a bit of winery investigation in the Shenandoah area around Plymouth this weekend.
(Aside, I start my sentences with "So" because I've been watching @dickc, CEO of @Twitter, and he starts all his sentences with "So.")
There have been a large number of new vineyards started since we were last on Shenandoah and Shenandoah Schoolhouse Roads. Perhaps a dozen or more, replete with tasting rooms and museums.
On the way back to Saddle Creek we detoured to Murphys for lunch. DW#1 has always wanted to try Mineral Restaurant on Main Street, so we did.
Little did I know, it's a vegetarian place. Looks like a husband and wife team, he doing the cooking, and she doing the dining room. We quickly noticed that she did it all, ordering, serving, bussing, setting with her infant on her back. The kid never woke up.
DW#1 had a veggie burger, and I a three-cheese and spinach grilled sandwich. You see it above, with pickled cauliflower and homemade garlic potato chips. The chips were magnificent, the cauliflower much less so. The sandwich was pretty good, better than okay. Prices (about $25/per) were about average for a tourist place.
So, if you're in the neighborhood, and if you're looking for vegetarian, this is a good place to check out.

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