Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cavallo Point, Marin County

Cavallo Point is located on the grounds of Ft. Baker, on San Francisco Bay at the North end of the Golden Gate bridge, and just South of Sausalito. The Army left in 1970 and only the Coast Guard remains. The former military buildings have been rejuvenated and are in fine shape. Murray Circle was officer housing encircling the parade ground with powerful views out across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco itself. The housing is now hotel rooms, and the officers' mess is now the restaurant. All this is mere minutes from the North anchorage of the bridge.

Murray Circle, the name of the restaurant, is upscale with excellent service. The food offerings are a bit undecipherable, but tasty. DW#1 had a  pastrami sandwich, and I an Ahi Tuna salad; both were excellent.
Wines were from California, France, and Italy. Prices are a bit high.
Oysters cost $3/each!
And yes, the overall bill was about 25% above my normal, at $60 with wine and tip. Complementary valet parking (tips accepted) is next door at the hotel entrance building.
Experienced diners will ask "What about the fog?" Well, there was absolutely no fog today, temps were in the 70's, and breezes were refreshing. The outdoor dining deck was full. On a more-typical foggy day, I would expect no one on the dining deck, fireplaces flaming, and sweaters abounding.
But, hey! We were lucky. That green lawn below is Murray Circle.
If you wish to try it, I'm game. We'll do Dutch. :)

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