Monday, April 30, 2012

So our out-of-town visitors tipped us to a sushi bar in Alameda ("The Town That Hasn't Changed Since 1950".) Kamakura, at the out-of-the-way corner of Santa Clara and Broadway.
Fascinating place, in a very friendly sort of way. Faith is the proprietress, and she keeps an eye on everything.
Prices are more than reasonable. Quality is close to the best California sushi that we've had. Beer is available; wine is from a large Franzia box from Safeway. Parking is on the street and easy.

This is very much a neighborhood place, with no reservations, and Faith welcoming many of the guests as old friends.
I was surprised to see the entire wait staff flock outside and bow and say "thank you" when the diners left, just like at a Japanese ryokan after a guest's stay. 
The sushi is very fresh and very well prepared and presented. The larger plates are interesting and very tasty.
And the prices! Four of us got out for less than $100, including tax, tip, beer, and wine. You cannot beat that anywhere!
Someone that we know, who lives at the foot of the mountain, should take his entire family. Soon!

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